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Trail Training WRB on the Linerhof at Kaiseraugst

We attended the Trail-Training organized 3 times every year by the WRB.
Instead of taking Cause with us we decided to put the rule to the test and to take Acres and Girly with us. We were somehow tensed because we did not know how this will end, we knew that both horses enter the trailer without problems but because of Girly who often behaves like a witch to other Horses we did not know how she will act next to Acres in the same Trailer. For Acres it was the first trip away from the Barn since we got him and also there I was not sure how he will act in another environment.
Arrived, we were in the lucky situation to place the Trailer in a good manner. One horse we tied on one side the other on the opposite side. Putting the tack was astonishing easy and none of the 2 horses was incredible nervous, except for Girly who started to orient herself on Arces. 
We decided to warm up the horses on the outside Arena, because it is usually getting pretty close between the Trail-obstacles inside. Girly suddenly started to Panic, she discovered some Horses living besides the outside Arena, and their Boxes covered with a roof of Plastic. Girly who allways have problems with other Horses was pretty jazzed. Acres was also a little nervous, but when we started the known basics, he relaxed quite fast..
In the inside Arena, Girly showed her best behaviour. She tipped al the bars, but else she was just great against all our concerns. In her concentration&nbsp;to accomplish the&nbsp;obstacles,&nbsp;she even&nbsp;forgott from time to time that she was not on her own - a big step forward.&nbsp;Acres&nbsp;became&nbsp;while passing the obstacles slightly stormy and stubborn.&nbsp;But at the Obstacles itself&nbsp;he was just great, he never tiped a bar and made every distance&nbsp;fit.&nbsp;But he did not likel to change Speed,&nbsp;Jog becam&nbsp;Trot and during Jogover even lope - but the lope was slow and set -&nbsp;at the gate he did not want to move away from&nbsp;my leg but the rest was ok, and in&nbsp;the end it&nbsp;was the first&nbsp;time for&nbsp;him and he did a good job.<br /> <br /> The&nbsp;Drive home was easy as well, and arrived at home&nbsp;Cause was already awaiting "his" mare.

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Acres 2. Carriere as Trailhorse?
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