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WRB Cowhorse-Clinic

<h1> Saturday 27th of October 2007</h1>
Gerry voluntered also this year for this Clinic of the WRB, and due to the fact, that this clinic was great fun last year and also because it is so hard to find such courses in our region to get horses used to cows, we decided to participate also this year with Cause and Girly. The weather was fine, pretty cold in the morning but beginning of the afternoon the Sun showed up as well. Today the original plan was to get an introduction, but because all horses - except for one young mare - have had experiences with cows in the past and because of the fact that we have been only 6 participants we progressed quite fast.<br /> We started in the morning with the repitition of what we did last year and quided one, two or tree calfs through the roundpen. The time flew and Lunch was ready. We have been hosted as last year in a fantastic way, and we had lots of interesting discussion. In the afternoon we continued with our work - this time already with a smal herd. As final Gerry asked us to perform a Team-Penning task *lol* - it was not so easy to get the selected cows in the penn, i do not want to know how difficult it get if you have to take *given" cows ;) I am not quite sure if Girly understood the task - but she got incredible flexible :)
<h1> Sunday 28th of October 2007</h1>
Today we build on what we did yesterday. In the morning we started again with small groups of cows to get horses again used to cows (especially those who have not been here yesterday).<br /> Also today lunch - a tasty lasagna - and the hospitality have been great again - i had to figure out how to get on the horse in the afternoon *lol*.<br /> Then we started with some cutting - to sort a cow out of the herd and to keep it separated over a certain time... At the beginning as slow as possible, the later the faster - and to be honest, the calfs won sooner or later - but we are working on it. One or the other horse started today to develop some Cowsence and the we could estimate how it was breed.<br /> In the end it was a interessting weekend who also brought some diversity in our and our horses life. Thank you to all who helped to make this Clinic such a great Event.

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